Welcome to Swedeheat

Swedeheat Mobil Värmebehandling AB is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in the heat treatment area with offices and workshops in Sweden and Denmark. We serve many different types of businesses and industries with heat treatment services and equipment.

A large part of the business is conducted at the customer, which means that Swedeheat is a flexible and innovative company, with great capacity to adapt to any situations that may occur out in the field.

There is virtually no subject that is too large or complex for us to heat treat at your location. We have round the clock service seven days a week so that we can always be reached by our customers. We are always ready to take care of customer needs in heat treatment and we have many years experience in the heat treatment business.

Our business include:
• Heat treatment with mobile equipment
• Sale of heat treatment equipment, electricity and gas
• Rental of heat treatment equipment and technologies
• Production of heat treatment furnaces
• Stress relieving in temporary furnaces for clients, with electricity and gas
• Stress relief annealing and normalization in our workshop furnaces
• Drying Firing of potting and bricks
• Technical problem solving by using heat